If you’ve been turned down by the bank or run into financial difficulty, we provide immediate assistance.

Mortgage Refinancing Experts for the GTA

1st, 2nd & 3rd Mortgages

Are you looking to purchase a home or renovate your existing residence but can’t get a loan from the bank? The specialists at PCC will get you the loan you require.

Mortgage Refinancing

Has your mortgage come up for renewal and your current lender is unwilling to renew your loan? Are there renewal rates too high? PCC will find a solution to your loan arrangement situation.

Bridge Loans

Have you purchased your next home but still waiting to sell your previous house? PCC will provide the money needed to cover the interval between the two transactions.

Business and Commercial Loans

Are you buying a business or starting a new one? PCC will help you unlock equity in your home to acquire the capital needed to fund your venture.

Platinum Capital Connect provides individuals and businesses with mortgages and loans as well as advice on loan products. Collectively, we draw on over 50 years of experience. Our mission is to assist borrowers who have been turned down by financial institutions or have run into financial difficulties.

Let’s get you approved!

Have you been turned down by the bank or have run into financial difficulty?
We provide immediate 48-hour assistance to our borrowers.